What's the 1st thing you gonna when youfinally get IT!!!!!!!

#1 Posted by sykotik2 (12 posts) -
I always steal a car, run over a cop, get his gun and start driving around for awhile checkout the scenes
#2 Posted by EMM44 (263 posts) -

Check out a strip club or take a tour of my hideout.

#3 Posted by ZodofWar (97 posts) -

First thing I did in GTA IV was get the lay of the land. Check out shortcuts and back alleys and so on. I'll prolly do the same in this one. I'm a big fan of police chases, so being able to get away quickly is always a goal of mine. And also, it'll help for the Multiplayer.

#4 Posted by hunt3r90 (33 posts) -

First I ll search the town and find where you can easily earn money. 

#5 Posted by KevinConklin (1620 posts) -

Probably play it.

#6 Posted by 4-Legged-Shark (1031 posts) -

the ocean. I'm going to run straight into the ocean and swim and explore underwater. There better be sharks this time around. 

#7 Posted by OmenUK (3302 posts) -

Play a couple of the story missions to get used to the controls (believe some things are going to be changed), then have a wander around and probably swap characters as soon as that feature becomes available.  All depends though will have to wait until release and we know more about the game before deciding for certain what I am going to do.

#8 Posted by LS-Injection (481 posts) -

I think i will boot up, put my control down for a minute and just wait for it to load, then once it loads, i will look at the protagonist i have chosen. Pick up the controller and explore for a while, the map is huge so i will take about an hour just looking around before i rob a car and start testing the physics, then i will play with the melee system, robbing cars, interacting with peds etc.. then i will try the motorbike mechanics and how well the push bikes ride as well. Then i will start with missions, around 24 hours of free roam.

#9 Posted by KaptajnKnap (6 posts) -

I'll probably throw up from pure anxiety. So once my stomach gets settled, and I've collected myself, I'll drive fast as Hell in a really slow car, make and handbreak turn and let the pure evil of my thumbs and index fingers do all the dirty business...

The people of Los Santos do not know fear... Yet!... lol :D

#10 Posted by medayugiohman (2792 posts) -

Probably play a couple of missions, then roam around the map, maybe check out the ocean floor. And then find an airplane :D

Oh yeah, and see if it's possible to switch out protagonists while having a wanted level.

#11 Posted by CPOKlerk (31 posts) -

Fighter plane...nuff said.

#12 Posted by Cronozax (11 posts) -

I will murder the second I am capable of it, and I will never stop

#13 Posted by AllahWHOAkbar (30 posts) -

Steal the R8 looking car an ride around while I'm gettin it

#14 Posted by 36Ounces (2065 posts) -

Jack a car, ride around and get a feel for the city. Then go on a killin spree and try to lose the piggies in the countryside. When in the country i'll check out all the wildlife and maybe hunt. Then go from there haha

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Get my bong, sit on my couch, turn on the game....the rest is history.
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Kill every mother Fvcker i see!!! Rampage biatchssss!!!!

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First I will look for my old neighborhood, and then I will visit Venice Beach with an assault rifle  :twisted:

#18 Posted by jcopp72 (5339 posts) -
I will probably do the first 5 or so missions then check out the city and do some side missions.