Trailer done on Ps3, shoulld i worry about ordering the 360 version?

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Trailer looks absolutely beautifull and i just read that its taken from the ps3. Having preordered the 360 version i'm just a little worried. Looking at the past ther really is no reason to worry however its 2013 now and i wonder if the ol xbox can still compete.

I own both systems and enjoy em both so i'm definitely not trying to start a console war. Just curious to youre thought and needing some words of encouragement. ;)

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Probably not....BUT if you have a choice I do believe there is extra content for PS3 players.
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Ok thanks, didn't know that. probably gonna get em both.

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What extra content is there for PS3 owners?  Is this pre-order content or normal content?  I hadn't heard of this so I'm curious (just asking.)

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I may have mistaken the PS3 Bundle Package with the exclusive headphones and such for exclusive content. I did a quick search and didn't find anything except that.
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I had the same delema on which to pre-order.  the PS3 will look better not sure by how much but the 360 has the better online comunity and that is what all my friends have so i ended up going with the 360 version because i can deal with les of a draw distance and a little texture pop-in if it means i get to play online with my friends. 

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I don't think you'd go wrong w/either version. I'm sure each will look and perform great, w/subtle differences based on the strengths of each console. I have this dilemma on occasion, and unless there are technical issues w/one version or the other, I typically go w/the system that I think the game "belongs" on. I base it on my history w/the series or game in question, what type of game, and so on.