The craziest things you've done in-game so far?

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Share your stories. There's bound to be some hilarity, right?

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Was playing online, And picked up two randoms in my helicopter, I then flew it towards a building and jumped out with my parachute just before impact, Leaving the two guys in the helicopter to crash and burn. Afterwards they chased me about the map and tried to hunt me down to Know avail.

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In GTAV, JPalto saw a firefighter underneath a bridge weeping. He was sitting on a waist-high cement wall and crying. JPalto went in front of him and pulled out a knife, and shanked him to death.

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One of my friends thought it would be fun to try one of those impromptu races and it was motorcycle(the most exspensive one) VS his Gauntlet. Once we started I went zooming past him, and when I looked back, realizing he had stopped and started up his extremely fast Gauntlet right for me. He somehow popped my tires and I could barely move, then I got hit so hard he wasted me and he won the race. Then I destroyed his gauntlet with a nice satchel charge.

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I dunno, stealing that Titan alone from the airport and flying under a bridge just cuz, even though I'd have to restart the mission? I felt pretty BA so it was worth it (and I made it back in one piece).