Take-Two lowers earnings forecast amid GTA 5 release date limbo

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Found the story on Google. Pretty much going the way I thought it would.  Its gonna end up being next fall. Really makes you wonder just what they are up to. Release a pointless trailer for a game that's 2 years away at the time? Just shows why you don't use "forward looking statements" to make predictions. Lies don't generally work too well for that (they lie all the time in those calls, and not just Rockstar)

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New story, now an analyst is saying "after March" for GTA V. Rockstar has shifted about $600 million from the FY that ends in March 2013.  This I expected last year when everyone and there dog was wetting themselves over their investor call that hinted at a release before march. 9 out of 10 times any good news in an investor call is a lie. Or a very vaguely crafted truth, something that's easy to discount on a whim. 

October 2013, may as well get used to it. 


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Hey you might be right. I'd be surprised if this game didn't get pushed back. All for the greater good though.
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RS likes October for their GTA games, and the fact that's no where near done just adds fuel to that fire. They seem to be almost Schizophrenic when it comes to this game.  Claim a Spring 2013 release but after admitting that the multiplayer development has not even started. Its October. The only unknown left is to find out how long they will wait to tell us. I feel by May 2013 we will get an official release date, sometime in late October 2013. Kinda what I was thinking before I went off on that next gen tangent (hey, they just finally said its current gen, before that it was not known).  That's the only good info you can get from financial projections: when they move a bunch of income from a quarter to a later quarter, that's a good sign of a delay. 

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This kid sound like a broken record haha. But yea even if it happens to get pushed back, it's all good. Quality 1st.

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They asked for feedback on GTA V crews. That could mean there is some minor tweaking to do, or they could just be curious as to what the fans want. There is no way multiplayer has not been started. Typical zoomcrap.

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You can tell people who have not followed many game developments: They always assume that best, when usually the worst is the truth.  Just tweaking the MP part of the game.....uh no, more like "just starting to develop" that part of the game.  Why would you ask for ideas AFTER you started?

There is being positive and being neieve, don't be suckered, just assume the worse and hope for the best. 

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**** you

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I myself won't care once Far Cry 3 comes out. I can tell when a game is a long way away, and this one is now in the standard "Rockstar 6 Month Buildup (or at least until we "delay" it to October) Program". The last few weeks have already proven that I have a  better feel for what is going on with GTA than the "OMG! THEY ARE GOING TO DO A LAUNCH IN 2012 WITH NO PRE ORDER PROGRAM OR  BULIDUP OF ANY KIND!!!!" zeolts who were convinced it was coming: Last December, March 2012, October 2012, Holiday 2012, March 2013.  So do you guys have a statue of Patcher in your clubs house, just wondering. 

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coming from the next gen warrior

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I'm still going with April. Which could explain why it's not included in the financial year's earnings forecast...

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I'll be honest and say when I saw Zoomer's title I thought it was maybe a troll topic (no offence meant just been here too long I guess), but he/she does raise some really good points and I am inclined to agree with them that the current 1st quarter 2013 release date is more putting a marker down and saying right this is our first proposed release date but we're not writing it in stone as definately confirmed.

October actually would be better as you'd expect better quality control than maybe was apparent on GTA 4, so that the game runs smoothy and is relatively glitch free on release so patches are kept to a mininum, as well as giving them the time they need to get the multiplayer to be as good as we're no doubt all hoping it will be.

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This isnt my first rodeo, and ive learned that saying its going to be out in a "season" is just a guess. A 6 month release slip at that point is nothing. Until they give us a real date, Im just gonna go for the worst case (a week or 2 after forever, give or take) and hope it comes sooner. The only thing that says May is that they probably are aiming for a 6 month pre-order cycle, and that would put us in May.

You must also factor in that due to Rockstars almost zero info until the last week, we really dont "know" how much is done. It could be ready to ship next week for all we know, or it could have 6 months of work to do. Given the fact they are asking for ideas for the multiplayer part of the game, I think its got a ways to go. You dont ask for ideas AFTER you start working on something, thats not efficient.

Im not a troll, I want this game as bad if not worse than the next person. But I just have learned that with no info on an actual release date, its best to think "sometime in the next 6-12 months" and dont pin hopes on something that simply is not going to happen.

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a delay could happen, as they said they work on the game right up until release, so they have got to a point where they can say we are confident about shipping in six months but unforeseen circumstances could occur similiar to IV. however i like to think that they have taken other delays from previous games and the outrage it creates into consideration to axe it from happening, still good for may 2013 i think. and easy to see why they have been so tight lipped about V, look at the direction they have gone, wether you want to keep it secret for as long as possible from other devs or not wanting to announce such a "bold new direction" to later find its no good and have to start again.

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I've read about half the Game Informer article and seeing lines like "still ironing out the details on that feature" or phrases of the like, tells me more and more its not going to be spring. The game will redefine epic, but it makes me wish they had not released anything until its much closer to done. March 2013 is toast,I think we can all agree on that.

 Even Take2 has more or less admitted this by moving $600 million n revenue out of the fiscal year ending March 2013. That's not chump change, that's Take2s "big time roll of the dice that Rockstar could pull of a flipping miracle and ship in March" comimg up snake eyes. Just hoping they don't double down with another date they can't hit, then their credibility will take the hit, not just their bank account. 

Have a feeling my signature is pretty much spot on (assuming a normal Tuesday release)

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Still on that oct 2013 **** i see. Theyve been working on the game since gta IV released, thats been confirmed by the way. No way in hell it will be released past june. Just more Zoomcrap people. The guy is really like a broken record.

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Can we please stop responding to this fool?


It'l be out when it's done, who cares when? The only person getting 'emotional' over it is Zoomer. For some reason it's tied quite intricatley into his own personal well being and sense of purpose. GTA will be awesome. Far Cry 3 will be generic, easy and boring. The only thing going for it is its map creator.

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Well just don't be too shocked when July comes around and we still don't have the game. People will start seeing the light when Take2 moves that $600 million same to the next quarter ( at some point their guesses will pan out). I think given the current state of things it would have been better to say nothing. Don't talk till you got a can't miss release date (  a date with a ,month and day in it, not this pointless season nonsense)

GTA V: Ships....someday

Far Cry 3:  Ships in 3 weeks or so...

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Well just don't be too shocked when July comes around and we still don't have the game. People will start seeing the light when Take2 moves that $600 million same to the next quarter ( at some point their guesses will pan out). I think given the current state of things it would have been better to say nothing. Don't talk till you got a can't miss release date (  a date with a ,month and day in it, not this pointless season nonsense)

GTA V: Ships....someday

Far Cry 3:  Ships in 3 weeks or so...



I won't be shocked in the slightest, let alone 'too shocked'. I'l be perfectly fine, because it is a video game and not worth this amount of thought and input ( christ it isn't even out yet). I think given the way the industry works ( I.E building up endless hype ) whilst respecting the absolute behemoth that is Rockstar and the GTA franchise it's perfectly reasonable to 'start saying things'.


Because you cannot control your endless hard on for games you insist on coming online and berating people for caring when they don't, it's just you. This whilst your touting your endlessly changing theories as facts to prove to yourself your own self worth is just excruitiatingly annoying.


The fact is this is how the industry works and has done for many years now. Get the **** over it already and go live your life. You've become a broken record endless wittering on like an old busy body woman which is simply getting on peoples nerves. Your trying to create a drama out of something which simply isn't a drama.

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I think the game will likely be released in April.The whole March 26th is probably a typo or mistake considering that Bioshock Infinite is coming out that same day.Course it's true that Bioshock has been pushed back twice up until March,but So far The Rockstar Games company has always been somewhat clear when it comes to Grand Theft Auto.They generally try to be sneaky about it course in many ways it's a good thing.True that this is only my opinion but I really do feel that the Spring Release is accurate. Rockstar's co Founder Dan Houser himself claimed that they were done with the game like in Oct-Nov in there sometime last year 2012.They just had to go through the entire thing and look for bugs and or problems with missions,story etc.since apparently they begun the process of making GTA 5 after Grand theft Auto 4 .Also they haven't really been showing much video footage for the game except the two trailers.But they have lots of screen shots and now sometime this month in Jan they're releasing the Official Cover Art for the game. So that's why I think that the Spring Release is accurate not in Oct!Since 2012 was a bit of a snore when it came to top of the line games that everyone had to have.Rockstar and several others lost pots of money from pushing back releases or just not making anything worthwhile.So Rockstar needs Bioshock to come out and be worth the wait lol, and they need GTA 5 to be released post haste so they can rack up that much needed currency. So again Spring possibly April seems accurate. It's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.
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I think you have just discovered what Star Trek likes to call a "temporal paradox".  The game could not have been "done" in Oct or November,  when the big reveal in Game Informer in December had many examples of game systems that "were still being worked on."  Also if they had been done for an Oct 2012 release, they would have released it.  


There are so many rumors about how far along the development process is with this game.  Thats a bad thing about not giving out info on a regular basis.  It just encourages rumor abd hoaxes.  

I think the is close to done,  in close I mean about 6 months from release.  Another paradox is how some people believe that it's going to ship in March even when Take2 themselves say it wont (moving money from one quarter to another is just another way of saying delay).  So they knew last Fall that they would not compete with BioShock, another Take2 game. 


October 2013......GTA V

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Just cause they're still working on it doesn't mean couldn't get it done by for release in May. They could be like 95% done with figuring the small extra details out.

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It's a tough game to follow.  They don't go to shows, they don't give out info on a regular basis.  The CIA is a info sieve compared to Rockstar.  That creates issues.  If you read the wiki article under the development tab, the statement about "we're not going to announce the release date, we are not going to announce the strategy for announcing the release date, we are..." yadda yadda. 

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what in the name of god someone with more than a coples trophys and do not play any great game says...logical release in october? why? who are u for bla bla bla this nonsense **** who are u? really! only especulations dears players. and for sue the gta v will be release in march or april,soon maybe on june. maybe!! but plz dont came here tell uss nonsense scraps about your opinion.and miners all messages for all players ok. im tired with u. since the topic stars all you have to say is c r a p ! october!october!october! shhhhhh ok!
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I cant let this one by,  i must answer: Clearly someone who has followed game development a lot longer than you,  given what transpired this past week. And most likely the game wilk slip to October. Cant think of any game that has ever gone 9 months with nothing causing a delay,  and if they need that much time they probably need more and just dont know it.