Please, no frequent annoying phone calls!

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I don't ever want to hear another call asking me to go bowling. Do you reckon they'll fix this in GTA V? I mean, I know you could put your phone on silent, but you could miss out on other interesting stuff. I don't mind doing those little side games, but if they're going to make your relationship with that person suffer for ignoring them that seems pretty stupid.
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They addressed this. Calls will be at a mimimum

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Thanks for telling me.
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Yeah, I read an interview in Game Informer and the guy pretty much shot all those annoying elements down.
#5 Posted by jcopp72 (5352 posts) -
all the calls sucked and if you say no then they dislike you alittle.
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Just had to say yes, then cancel plans. But it was still a hassle.
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yea I did find that out, but every time I got a call I was like "damn it not again".

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Hated that sh*t.

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It made me good friends with the B button.