Okay so... online...

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I'll keep it short.

Is there truly no way to play online without having people pointlessly murder you for no reason at all? The first large match I got into I wasn't even able to do anything because there was some brat in a tank just running around blowing everything up, and he would go out of his way to kill me, like seriously out of his way to a point of being rather sad. I turned on passive mode but it doesn't seem to do a damn thing. He was still able to run me over and even blow me up with the tank.

If there is really no way to play this game with others without the mindless ganking then that would be an incredible disappointment. It makes the online portion of the game just about unplayable.

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That sounds like fun actually to me since I haven't been online with it yet. Just into the single player missions atm. Can you go up a stairwell or driving ramps 3 or 4 stories in a building and use a wall for cover up there? In a 4 story parking garage for example if they have parking garages online. Or do the tank rounds go through all the concrete walls too?

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@StarsiderSajun: Yeah that guy's an asshole. He must have absolutely no life because he just sits on GTA Online with his tank and hunts players. I wish Rockstar would ban his ass. Can a bazooka take out a tank?

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you've got to be smart , ring Lester remove your blip from the map, send mercenaries or an airstrike to blow him up , sticky bombs grenade launcher, or RPG !!!

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Well you can always join a crew or start an invite only lobby I guess. Once you rank up in the 40's though it's much easier to get revenge on people like this. You can call in support or buy the attack helicopter. You can even steal a jet without ranking up and take them out. As for passive mode, it's pointless because they can run you over, blow you up and even shoot you if you're in a vehicle. Best place to go is to your garage. I mostly to missions and races and such though so I don't get much free roam time. It's fun to try and actually take out the tanks though.