New Screens

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The new screenshots are amazing! The shark looks hefty, the dog makes the best passenger in GTA yet, and I can't wait to explore the waters with that sub.

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where you seeing these new screens at?

#3 Posted by TAGGER_SK8ER101 (1866 posts) - The detail of the aircraft looks amazing as well.
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The shots of the shark, submersible, Franklin and his dog in a car, Trevor piloting a four-engine plane followed by the fighter, and the 3 of them together at night?  Those aren't really new screens.  They've been out since December 24.  

But if you want to speculate about what lurks beneath the depths, then that's just fine.   

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I know they came out around Christmas, but I just called them new because there was not a topic on them and I didn't see them on this site.