Looking for a Crew?

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I'm a member of a well established clan. 95% of us are currently playing GTA V, and actively looking forward to the online release. A little bit about our clan is below. If you are playing alone and would like a crew/group to play with come check us out! We are an established clan that began few years ago. We have numerous members and rarely find it hard to fill slots to form parties. We are extremely fun and organized. Our clan offers several options to suit any new member including: A Youtube channel Facebook page Twitter for clan updates Gamebattles competitive team BO2 Call of Duty Elite Clan Numerous casual teams/players Enjoyable clan tournaments and competition An active forum of members A live Chatbox on the forum Awards and medals for tons of clan activities and much more... Our clan is based on unity, leadership and most of all maturity. We are a multi-platform competitive and casual gaming clan with the capability to suit any play style. We are actively seeking members the age of 18 and above to join our community and have fun making friends and playing the games you love. We play the most popular first person shooter games such as; Call of Duty and Battlefield. But we are going to be reaching out to a number of other games in the next generation consoles. Please visit our website and check out some of the things we have to offer. Feel free to tell us what you think in our visitors forum or register and apply in the applications forum. You can find us at: www.tacnation.com
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Don't be caught without a crew when GTA V online releases!
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We have players for both Xbox and Playstation!
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The online gameplay is live, don't get caught without a crew!