January 24, 2008

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Was The day GTA IV received its release date of April 29 of the same year, will we see the same thing this Thursday? We may also get the box art this day too... Thoughts?

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Doubtful.  You have to remember that GTA IV had already had a real release date of October 2007 an got delayed due to technical issues. GTA V does not even have a real date yet, and the chance of them announcing a date any time before May or so is slim.  Rockstar is doing pretty much what i said they would way back last October. After the GI reveal,  bascially clam up for 5 months or so. And to be clear, all the release date rumors are just that, rumors.  

When you look at just the actual info Rockstar has actually released,  and ignore all the rumor and repeated rumor and all that,  you'll see there is really very little info on the game,  which is why I think it's still a long way off. 

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Also a great way to track GTA V is to track Take2 stock. I have it on my Nexus 7 Google Now page.  Really all I have to do is look to see if it has made a big move (up or down) and then check for news.  Stock is pretty tepid right now.  Any big good news would cause a big jump.  But since Take2 moved $ 500 million or whatever from the quarter ending at the end of March, kinda spells it out.  

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bullsh*t mate october last year you were saying its next gen on the basis that "because we dont have a release date its next gen" wrong again zoomer you are a roller coaster, change your mind every 10 minutes you try to convince people you have all the logic here, yet you talk no logic and for some reason your guesses are more reliable than info that comes from rockstar??? how does that work i struggle to get my head around it.

why you bother coming here and saying the games coming out october 2013 and dont listen to the company that makes the game, knows more about it and has confirmed the game for spring 2013? hmmm do i believe the internet crusader or rockstar games?

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Hard to listen to a company that does not say much of anything.  I was saying next gen because even Rockstars own site had no platforms listed.  You can't just assume something like that.   Doesn't matter, they won't release GTA V anywhere near BioShock and assuming a standard six month gap, that gets us to October.  I seem to remember someone saying how after the the GI magazine that the news would dry up and we would not have any release date info in January.  Wonder who that was.... Oh thats RIGHT... That was me. 

Outside of my next gen prediction, i have a much better grasp of this game development than anyone here.  

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what gives you a better grasp on this games development than anyone else here zoomer? unless you are a gtav dev, which you are not you are on the exact same page as us. this is what i and seems alot of others hate about you, you think so much of yourself, you are always correct wether or not you can back it up.

walking the walk and talking the talk doesnt mean sh*t when your are just a picture of a creepy guy playing with his hands on a forum

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Zoomer I sincerly ask you calm down shut up about OCT being the final release till june 22nd, than you can run your mouth about it all you want. Thank you have a nice day.

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Id put this game on the back burner since its clear what is happening.  I'll check in sometime in March, should be good comedy seeing people try to explain why we still don't have a release date even then.  Not that anyone here is man enough to admit it but Rockstar is behaving precisely as I said they would after the big reveal: little to no news and no real release date. Better get used to it, it's gonna be a while before that changes. 

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Oh and one last point before I forget about this steaming pile of rumor: Rockstar said we would see the box art this month. If the calender hits Feburary and we still dont have the box art, then I think people will finally see why I doubt anything they say about release dates. Makes them look bad and really casts doubt on anything they say. And given that there is only about 5 days left in the month, 2 of which are a weekend, looks like we will end the month with what we started it with...bupkiss.

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It is so entertaining to watch as Zoomer30's release date theories evolve. Ever changing, yeah? Regardless of the release date, Zoomer30 will have "called it all along." 

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How does something that has not changed in 4 months "evolve"? I said if the game was current gen,  it would not ship till October 2013.  Thats been my stance for months.  Its pretty simple:they won't release it anywhere near BioShock.  They will give BioShock a good six month cushion to work with then release GTA V. Thats more or less me been my stance. People on this board change their minds every time a new rumor comes out.  And all the rumors have been proven faluse. 

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Now it would seem that Amazon has leaked yet another release date of July 23 2013. Seems odd that with all these leaks none of the dates are the same.  Either Amazon has gotten wind of a delay,  or they are just making it up. Assuming an October release,  i would expect the guesses from the stores to start to slide later and later. 


And for you keeo score at home..... July is SUMMER,  not SPRING.  Would seem Rockstar wasted a lot of cash printing up all the promotional materials saying SPRING (who knows, could have been a typo. ) 

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you only came up with this october 2013 garbage 5 or 6 weeks ago not months ago, months ago you were stuck between spring 2013 and next gen. you will be right about the timeframe we get this game simply because you would have stated every single way it could have gone, you should change your sig to "gtav out in the next 365 days" reminds of of these analysts you always mock about not having a clue yet you follow their footsteps and change your theorys day in day out, "oh these analysts are on meth blaa blaa" yet you stated its next gen even after they confirmed it for spring 2013 on the basis that "they are evil".

you realise how much of an idiot you look or does your ignorance take over?

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i believe the games release window is going to be late may to mid june. Kinda like san andreas release of june 6.

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Not to prove you wrong,  but i checked my posting history and i the Forum topic "Well,  making my prediction"  dated August 12th 2012,  i state they will try for May, miss and release in October.  This was.... Lets see..... More then 5 or 6 weeks ago.... Try 21 weeks ago, give or take. This was before BioShock got moved to March, which just proves my point even more. 

So if you want to continue to claim otherwise, that's fine,  it explains how so many people on this board see no issue with GTA coming out the same month as BioShock O-o. 

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you know what for once i agree with you, it is a possiblity but until they say it its spring 2013.

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Hopefully (for their sake) they do announce the box art before the end of January like they said they would. If they don't, people will start to doubt anything they says on the release date front.  But really, come on, if we were really just 2 months from release, we would be in a marketing hurricane.  Compared to GTA IV, we have no info. Just some screen shots, two videos and one solitary "marketing website" (the kiflom site).   With GTA IV we had tons of "commercials" for in game products and character bios. Just seems like we stilk have a long way to go. 

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Why's that you consider October 22. the only logical release date for GTAV, Zoomer30?
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I can't narrow it down to October, and I wont try to speculate an exact release date, but given the lack of new info surrounding GTA V, I don't think it's very likely we will be seeing it this spring, and since summer is not exactly the season to release new games, I believe Fall is the most plausible launch window for this game. GTA games do have a history of October releases, and I wouldn't be surprised to see this game some time around then, but this is all speculation. 

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 I don't see how Summer couldn't work for GTA V. I believe some people thought that May was a bad month for Red Dead Redemption and look what happened. Plus there's still enough time for more info to get released for at least a late May release and don't forget we had a ton of info last November so more info could come as early as Febuary. Anything can happen with the possibility of a Spring, Summer or even Fall release. We just got to wait and see.

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Mainly that thw vast majority of GTA games have been released in October, even going back before GTA III on the PS2. Add too that that Bio Shock (another Take2 game)  is coming out in March, just makes it more clear that it's going to be a Fall release for GTA V.  I am really starting to think that Rockstar only said Spring to get people to pre order it while buying BioShock XD. 

Makes me want to know what Patcher was smoking last fall when he was convinced it would bw out in Oct 2012, given that we know little more than we did then.   

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Also add to that that if this game was only two months away, we would know. Flat out we would know. None of the release date leaks agree and vary by a wide margin.  One says March, one says June, and yet another says July.  But at least they are sliding the right way.  

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I was replying to 4-legged-shark not to you. I have no more time to waste with a teenager trying to get attention. If the game does come out in October then that's O.K. If not that's O.K. too.

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I was responding to Colibrosis,  who asked me by name why I think its October. Thw people who are "teenagers" are the ones who see no issue with Take2 releasing the game near another of their big games. Funny how the people who use logic are bashed for it, while the ones who don't are practically given a sainthood.   Kinda sums up how people like Wacker Patcher get jobs analyzing a industry they don't understand.  

Bullet points:

1. TAKE2 Likes steady income

2. BioShock is a Take2 game, and has already been delayed once. 

3. GTA V is Take2 game, is not ready for release anyway, but it would destroy BioShock like a rock hitting an egg.  


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My mistake. But I'm at least man enough to admit my mistakes. Even to the likes of you. :)

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Also,  another hint that the game is a long way is the fact that all the fake URLs (except for the kiflom sitw) are not active.  They registered these sites in 2011. One of them is StopPayingYourMortage.com and thw like. If the game was coming soon we would know. 

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It's only spring until they decide to"delay" it.   This is all very orchestrated plan from Rockstar to keep people interested but not too interested since they know it won't be out for another six months or so.  How do you think the devs of BioShock would feel if they saw GTA V was coming the same month as their game? The planning involved in getting a game out is more than just hitting a date.  You have to have production facilities reserved to print up the games and all that. 


I foresee no major news in the next month,  with no official REAL release date set until probably mid March. The date may be Oct 22 but most likely it will be another placeholder date,  then this summer we will get a "marketing delay" which will push us to October.  Spring was never a real target,  otherwise they would have shipped BS last year ro get it out of the way.