GTA VI- Ideas for next in series

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GTA VI should be set in the early 70's Washington D.C. Think of the great music and possibility of chaos? you could have war veterans, black panthers, gentle hippies, militant hippies, Symbionese Liberation Army, KKK, Civil Rights protesters, all kinds of hell could break loose

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actually that would be a good idea.

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Personally I want modern day Vice City, but that would be too easy. As successful as GTA's formula has been, it is admittedly becoming stale and has now been done to death by both GTA and other games as well. I've been thinking about this...What if the next GTA was not set in a city at all, but rather set on the open road? Instead of one giant area, it would consist of randomly-generated highway connected to smaller locales like what we saw in GTA V with Luddendorf.

You're a courier being paid to transport some merchandise across the country, and over the course of the game you are being targeted by others trying to hijack your cargo, you have to make detours to avoid police, your vehicle gets stolen when you stop at a motel and you have to hunt down the thief and get the product back, your car breaks down and you are forced to hitch a ride, which leads to you being abducted by a backwoods weirdo cult which you then have to fight your way out of, you bump into Jack Howitzer at a truck stop, which erupts into a massive free-for-all between truckers, bikers, rednecks, store clerks, restaurant workers, tourists, prostitutes, highway patrolmen, a crazy 80's movie star, and you. You rob (Insert douchebag celebrity here)'s tour bus, and go on a drug-induced journey to find a White Castle...I mean Wigwam Burger.

I don't know what R* has in mind, but they are always looking for ways to innovate. I predict the next title will be a departure from the established formula.

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Maybe it would be too big, but how about a game that has you go to vice city, los santos, and liberty city?