GTA V Online Character Data Transfer to Next Gen

#1 Posted by redsnake9111 (615 posts) -

Will you be to transfer your GTA Online Character to Next Gen ala Xbox 360/PS3 to PS4/XBO/PC?

Can characters only be transferred directly to the successor platform of the game copy you already own or to any platform? Meaning could you take a Xbox 360 character and transfer it to PS4 or PC?

What about single player game saves?

#2 Posted by thecruzan (94 posts) -

@redsnake9111: You will be able to transfer your GTA Online to any platform that you like. Idk about the single- player game saves but I plan on doing it over anyways.

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@thecruzan: I am hoping that they just keep the GTA online platform separate so that I can play it from PC of PS4 or wherever by just signing in. Are they going to sell it separately from GTA 5 at some point?