GTA V on GI December issue cover!!!!!!!

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The time has come people!!!!!!!

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So perhaps October 2013 is not out of the woods after all. Still have a hunch the game is next gen. Its the only thing that make sense given Rockstars behavior the past year. Game Informer is not excatly the Newsweek of gameing mags, would think one of the bigger mags would want it. Also bear in mind that it was still a LONG time before GTA IV was released when they had mag coverage.

I still dont expect anything big news wise this year. Rockstar seems content to just let things be, which tells me they know the game is no where near release, and anything past Octo 2013 gets into next gen land.

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zoomer, you are full of sh*t gameinformer is a huge magazine it has more subscribers than any official ps3 or xbox mag and has featured gta4 and la noire admit it you are wrong, your next gen theory is f*cked

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The thinking is that GTA V will release within 6 months of GI's cover story, which takes us to May.

I am still thinking a March 2013 release.

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March is too soon. They only release games in May and October (GTA IV is the outlier, but it had been pegged as a Oct 2007 release). Feel its still October 2013, assuming its not next gen.

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You have to admit, they still have not confirmed on their own website that the game is current gen (PS3/360). It still says TBD. In my mind, if your working on the game, youd think that would have been decided.

And for those who think I am full of crap, fine. Its better than what the "AHHHH ITS COMING IN OCTOBER!!!" crowd is full of. Dont be trying to pass and drug tests people.

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As GTA V is a redefinition of the GTA series, don't you think it's a possibility that the release month could buck the traditions of the past as well?

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Zoomer, Let it go man. It's not next gen and it's for dam sure not coming out in oct 13 or spring '14. Stupidest thing i've ever heard. Let it go, YOU WERE WRONG!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. Sweet Revenge.




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I think R* released the trailer too early. Probably thought it would've been done by 2013. Right now I just want to get some new info in the next 2 months. We literally know nothing about this game.
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I think you will find that in the next 2 months Rockstar will begin the marketing and by the end of this year, we will know the release date.


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So October (aka a long time from now ) 2013 is probably the month they are aiming for. Consider the pre-order programs they will want to run, the fact that we really dont know how far along the game development is, we could be looking at anohter 12 months. Then add to that that Rockstar still has not said the game is for the current gen. That still bugs me. That BASIC info, thats like the FIRST THING you decide when you start making a game: What machine it will be for. Go to RSs own site on GTA V and under PLATFORMS it still says TBA (or TBD, cant remember)

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it says tba (to be announced) not tbd (to be decided) we wil find out when gameinformer mag hits the shelves, and trust me it will b on current gen consoles there is no solid evidence to back up next gen and for a game this far into the development, at the point its at now where gi and others have gone to have a look and play a bit of the game, next gen is ZERO doesnt even exist and a game after a cover feature in g.i mag tends to be instore 6 months after, that makes may 2013 the most likely date for release


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There is no way GTA5 will be on a next gen system. Rockstar would not want to release a game early on a next gen system. It would destroy their sales. I'd say March 2013 as my prediction.

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zoomer the only reason i will disagree is illogical, i just disagree in the hope youre wrong cuz i want to play it, you sem well in tuned with what youre saying however so my hopes arent too high at this point.

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I've been hearing rumours of a demo to be released by the end of this year in time for a March release.
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So what date does this magazine hit news stands?

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Yea I can't wait for this, hopin they give a solid release date.

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I'vE found that when given a bad thing and a good thing, the bad thing seems to happen in this business.  So when given 'the game will ship in March with almost no 

hype' or 'that the game is 50% done and looks like October 2013' I'll go with Oct 2013.  assuming its current gen. Its still possible they have not said either way since its next gen. 

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I think the magazine comin out between Nov. 10-15 for subscribers. And they start pre orders Nov. 5 in stores everywhere if ya'll didn't know.

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Zoomer, It's NOT getting a release in Oct 2013 as R* has said Spring 2013 which means between Wednesday, 20March 2013, and ends Thursday, 20June 2013 when spring officially begins and ends, & also this whole next gen thing is so far fetched it's not worth discussing lad!

Rockstar Comment: Hey guys, glad to see so much enthusiasm about the release announcement. For those asking about the PC platform, we're currently focused on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game and don't have any details to share about a PC version at this time

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And R* has OFFICIALLY said it's for Xbox360 & PS3 on the newswire so to you Zoomer lad......EPIC FAIL!!!!

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We announced our new cover back on October 11, and today we can share with you the release schedule for our December issue featuring Grand Theft Auto V.

At 11Am Central(5PM GMT) on November 8, we will reveal the cover art and give you a break down of the issue (hint: the story is huge - over 18 pages in print - and full of details and screens we can't wait to share). Then, in the afternoon (US Central time) we will release the digital edition of Game Informer to iPad,10-inch Android devices, and PC/Mac. Print issues will already be in the mail and should arrive to subscribers in the weeks that follow. Print newsstand is November 16.

Game Informer Digital subscribers have access to all three digital editions, or you can purchase the individual issues on iPad or Android for $4.99 (or subscribe directly to those devices through the appropriate storefront for $19.99). Game Informer Digital is available worldwide if you have the appropriate credit card and email information.

The tablet app itself is free for iPad and Android and you can check it out now (including a free copy of the Gears of War: Judgment issue).

Digital subs can be purchased directly online through us (via GameStop) or by visiting a GameStop store location, but it can take up to 48 hours to process (we know it's dumb and are working on it). Please subscribe early if you want access to all the editions. This is the only way to access the PC/Mac editions. Otherwise, iPad and Android are available for purchase instantly. The issue will also be available through Google's Play Magazine app as soon as possible. This supports all Android devices, but currently isn't part of our Game Informer Digital subscription and must be purchased separately. If you are looking for single print issues internationally, please contact (rates depend on location).

So if you live in the US, go vote on the 6th, spend the 7th speculating and getting excited, and then grab your digital issue on the 8th! Everyone else in the world can skip the voting.

Update:Time added in bold.