Can we please get more than 5 buildings to go into?

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Rockstar creates these huge, sprawling metropolitan cities with thousands and thousands of buildings, skyscrapers, etc...and we can only explore a couple of fast food restaurants and clothes stores?

This has been my biggest complaint about the GTA series for years now. If the guys at Bethesda can pump out games where I can explore every little nook and cranny of a huge open world, then why can't the guys at Rockstar give us the same thing?

I know this has to bug the hell out of a lot more people than me.

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It would also bug the hell out of the game itself though.

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Yeah, I've always wanted to be able to access more buildings. Now, I'm not expecting to be able to access all buildings, but being able to access a bit more than you could before would be nice.

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0.gif?1873634&101true, only few building if they make it that we can go into all of them would be hot.
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Did you just say..."hot"?... Paris, is that you?

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I hear you. More buildings do need to be made accessible either in the main story missions or the side quests.

I can't count the number of times I ran into a wall hoping the door would open.

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Ditto. Done that thousands of times. GTA IV is a great game, especially with the expansions. But there are a few annoying issues that should alsp be solved for GTA V.

Firstly, checkpoints. I know they were included in the first expansion, but I really do hope GTA V will have checkpoints, however frustrating missions can be. It saves you from having to drive back somewhere every time you fail.

Secondly, the airport needs to be more realistic. I know it's just a game and it's not too realistic anyway, but on GTA IV the airport looks amateurish. From a distance it looks like the planes are landing/taking off, but the planes just go round in circles, taxiing or "flying". I've looked at a "leaked" map of GTA V and one runway, for what looks to be the airport, should be fine.

Finally, the biggest annoyance in GTA IV is the traffic. Sometimes you just want to drive normally, stop at a red light... BANG! A taxi smashes up your backside as if you've stopped randomly on the motorway (highway). This needs to be fixed. Also, I don't see buses moving, they're always parked. That would be another good transport option.

Anyway, rant over. Let's hope these issues are fixed and GTA V will the best GTA to date, as well as Game of the Year.

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Just imagine how awesome it would be to go into an apartment building, kick in some random door, and start blasting people sitting on the couch, making dinner, using the bathroom, etc.

That would be sweet. :D

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Agreed. I want buildings that can be accessed. Also, I agree about the airport thing, I would love to see some realism out of it and I would love a fully blown airport and multiple runways. All and all I just want a game that can take the realism that was in GTA4 to the next level. Also I want a rec. center (for the gym and basketball ect.)