Any way to hide the menu in tour bus and taxi rides?

#1 Posted by Kenocratic (92 posts) -

I'd like to make a video of the tour bus ride or taxi rides in first person with no menus on the screen to interfere with the cool full screen view of the amazing environment. So in the tour bus ride you have those 3 lines in the menu in the upper left and in taxi rides there's a long single line menu in the lower right. It's just for taking the video of the ride so I'd like to return the menus when done making the movies of course. Any way to toggle the menus off/on by altering the game files or any other way?

Btw I know I can get full screen first person at street level by driving a golf cart or one of the compact cars. Even a driving some vans offer first person view with absolutely no view of the hood in front and no mandatory menu in the way.