All we want is GTA V on the new consoles

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not even a newer version idgaf i just want to record my awsomeness on the xbox one. This game is the only reason i turn on my 360.......and well Gears once in a while.

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Hopefully your 360 lasts a few more years. Mine broke again. Can't wait until they stop selling and repairing them like the original xboxes.

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yeah I got the Gears of War 3 xbox 360 so ima gonna keep it, it should last a while

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It might come out for current gen later in the year.

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@ObxChillin: i plug in my 360 to my xbox one you have to go to the TV it made it look so much better but it would be nice to play all my games on my xbox one it's all about money! they need to make all 360 games work on xbox one we will see

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@bigdaddyhise78: yea i saw an article about that the other day and i would totally do that if i could use my X1 controller, but its pointless sense you have to use the 360 controller, i would love to play Gears, GTA or frankly any 360 game with the X1 controller, its so much better imo