2,000,000,000 in GTA V!!!!!!

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If you want to get THAT MUCH money then follow the instructions:

1: download horizon on your PC, it's virus free

2:put your game save onto a USB and plug it into your PC

3:open up horizon and click the bar on the side click USB and then games

4:Click the save once and above it it should say mod gta v

Mod the game to your liking and then press save

5:after it says relashed and resigned unplug it and plug it into your xbox

6: run the game and select the USB save storage

7: there you go!!!

NOTE: this is only for Xbox and you can do it as many times as you want

#2 Posted by 360M0DZforFREE (7 posts) -

Send me a message if you were successful, thanks

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This is the reason I haven't played GTA Online recently. All people do now is buy tanks and crap with all that money. What fun it is to be blown up constantly.

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I had 2 billion dollars that I got off a bounty kill, and now it's all gone because Rockstar found out it came from a modder.

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all my bounty money's gone too, but I still have a kickass apartment and all those cars that I bought hehehe. back to living by the paycheck I guess...

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What's the deal with cheats? I've never been one to use them. The game gets hella old after about 30 minutes of having everything at your disposal. I earn all my junk. Yea it's more time consuming, but hell I play my game probably alot more than cheating users.

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I use a hack for GTA V that gave me infinite lives, money, ammo and many other things. Here it is: http://gtavhacked.blogspot.com/