Im not one for gangsters and all that gangbanging culture, but this game kicks ass.

User Rating: 9.6 | Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas XBOX
This game is by far the best Grand Theft auto game ever. Honestly this is the only GTA game ive ever liked. I beat it the first time on the PS2 cuz i borrowed it from a friend, but i had to sneak it the whole time cuz my mom watched the news and saw news stories on how influential GTA games are. So after i beat it for the PS2 it broke, but o well. One day i was at walmart and i saw it for the Xbox and i asked my dad if i could get it and thank god he wasnt like my mom. So now i permitnly own it(i have for awhile) and its one of my favorite games ever. This game dose have lock on shooting which i thinks takes alot of challenge out of games but it didnt matter its still a great game. It gives u a big map to rome across and plenty of sweet missions. It has radio stations to switch to and it isnt only rap(thank god) there is some good early 90's metal and good classic rock like FREEBIRD. The graphics are pretty good but nothing special. And the game has a good storyline. So if ur looking for a fun good game San Andreas is the game for you.