Good but kinda dull, bad graphics, a lot of glitches but fun game play. Controls are good, kind of a waste of money.Na

Madden 08 for DS is pretty good with its game play, controls, extras, making players have 100 skill, having madden cards again, the card playing when you put it in the DS. But the bad side is Horrible horrible horrible graphics, really really bad glitches, hardly any complete passes. But the rest is fair. I give this game a 7.5 only because of its game play, and the fact that this is a huge! huge! improvement from last years game. Now this game is fun, for like 2 months, which is pretty long, but after that, you should probably sell and get some money instead of leaving it around.Now this probably one of the best DS games out there, but still I mean its a DS their games aren't all that fun. Now if you got a DS and you really want a fun game to play, get Mario kart DS it is the best DS game ever made. This game is so stupid because when you create a team all it gives you is like two outfit designs, and you can't pick your roster! Same with Create a player, its just stupid.