updated and better

User Rating: 6 | Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PS2
this game has all kinds of new features like the progress in every weapon, driving skills and bicycles! but the choppy graphics and when it often suddenly freezes make it a little less great. over all i think its a good game but i think it could've used a little more work. in my review ill give it 6/10 all in all its a fun game and if your an avid player of the rest in the series i think youll love the additions in this game but other than that i would just call this game a rent. deffinatly not a must have! but the open endedness and the virtually unlimited mass of missions and just plainly stuff to do make it an ok game so if you havent played it rent it but until you know you like it dont waste your money on purchasing the game. all things considered it is a fun game but isnt even quite worth the twenty bucks. rent it but dont buy until you know you like it.