best game ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PS2
No questions asked the best game ever,no game can beat its incredible gameplay and great graphics!This game never gets boring I love it so much it has an awsome story and outstanding new features which you just can't miss and the best cities and the biggest and most realistic than any other GTA game or actually any PS2 game ever!

The really small problems of the game don't affect it at all but still,the soundtrack is good but not as good as the trax of vice city!Gang A.I is weak but really isn't such a big of a deal.One thing is for sure I could never have beaten the game without the cheatcodes because its really hard!

The bestest part of the game is the campaign it like goes on forever!Its so long and missions might be hard but beating with the cheatcodes are also alot of fun and the games length is soooooo long you just can't get bored!Even after you finished you can always do it again or just cruise around and have fun in three huge cities in GTA Sanandreas!

One statement I would like to make I want you to know that I bought this game in 2005 and its still incredible I have beaten this game more than 5 times it just never ever gets boring!

Hey seriously who ever is going to read this I'm telling you take my advice! And for the people who hate this game I just hav 5 words I would like to ask from you, WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM?