The biggest and best GTA.

User Rating: 9.5 | Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PS2
GTA San Andreas was the third GTA game released on the PS2 era and was without doubt one of the main sellers for the console.

Unlike previous entries before it San Andreas gave you a full customisable character that you could upgrade his skills for vehicles, weapons, combat and more. Also you earned respect throughout the city for doing missions and such. You could also eat to keep up your characters weight and strength and you could also buy outfits and your own hairstyle for the game through visiting shops and barber shops and even customise your car at a mechanical garage.

The ability to swim was also a big bonus because unlike previous entries if you fell in the water you drowned and had to start from the hospital again because of injury. The missions were also very vareid as you expect, chase missions,timed missions,taking out enemies,racing and plenty more stuff to do in this massive game.

Some cons are the fact that driving certain vehicles when hitting something can send you way off track and some missions you will have to play a couple of times before you finally beat them and also some missions can't be accessed until a certain time which is a bit of a pain.

San Andreas is a huge game with some solid music and some solid graphics on the PS2. It had day and night cycles like the others which add to the game.

The game is massive you will most likely see most of San Andreas in your playthrough but some things you will miss but you will probably want to see everything because the world is so huge.

Overall GTA San Andreas is the best GTA game ever and one of the defining games on the PS2, Lots to see and do and it is alot of fun as well.

Overall Score 9.5