Great shooting game.

User Rating: 9.7 | Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PS2
GTA: San Andreas is simply put, the best game ever. the map is huge and there is so much variety out there that the game doesn't get boring after a year. there is LA, San Fransisco, Las Vegas as well as the desert, forests, farms, lakes, oceans etc. After a year of playing this game, you probably won't visit every location or do something that could be done. the addition of planes is amazing and they are s much fun to fly (especially the hydra jet). the cars are much better than before and the fact that they can be customized is really cool. don't listen to the other bad reviews because those people must have been out of it. the missions are not boring. yes they can get a little repetitive but even so, there is a liitle variety placed into each mission and there are some that are so cool (like the one going to liberty city and the casino heist). the story is great and the characters are very likeable. the voice casting is excellent and so is the music. there are around 10 or so radio stations with many songs and each have different genres. the replay value of this game is great and after more than a year, i find myself replaying it again. Because it is so long (a good 20+ hours) you can never stop finding ways to amuse yourself. And sure the frame rate is not too great but it never affects the gameplay and you'll be so into the game that you won't give it a second thought. of course the graphics aren't the best ever but you can't expect much better with such a large game on the PS2. All in all the game is just really fun and no game will ever top this one (unless it is another GTA game).