It is probably the best game ever made on PS2!!

User Rating: 9.6 | Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PS2
The graphics in the game looks gd, and the soundtracks sounds great also. The best improvement over the previous game is the flexibility of the game play. You can enter many buildings and do much more than the past. Even if you have finished playing the game, there would still be hours of fun wandering around and killing people. And the missions are just great, moderate length and difficulty. Besides that, the vehicles in the game are so wonderful, you have so much variety of vehicles, even jet fighter is available in the game, what an amazing improvement. And personally I like to drive the jet to Las vegas and play in the casino, and then fly back to my home town and save my game, that's just cool man. I have never dreamed of a game which can enable me to do so many things, just cool yo!