GTA San Andreas Review by OO7OO7 I love this game!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PS2

This is one of the best game i have played on the playstation2 the sound is
great with or without the prologic 2 option voice acting is topnotch.
The story
line is well written and has a lot of suprises.

The graphics are good but not
great the graphics can better in some points of the game.

The game play there is lot to do in GTA San Andreas like driveing or flying travailing by boat. There is a lot of cars trucks vans you name it just waiting to be stolen in the state of San andreas.

You could also tune cars play 2 player with a friend play basketball pool gambel in casinos and much more.

After you beat the game there is still a lot to do this game is extremely fun the game play is great.This is a very good quality game when it comes to value.