great multiplayer and impressive story mode drag farcry 2 to my fav games list

well, the first thing i should comment on is the setting for the story, a war torn africa devided mainly between 2 factions, the APR and the UFLL, youll find yourself working for both factions who are currently at war with each other in this beautifully made and greatly detailed world. graphically this game is very impressive, especially down to the map your in, and the maps are MASSIVE too, i mean really big, which... to be honest wasnt the best thing about the game considering the lack of instant transport locations, so most the time your next mission will be located on the other side of the map and it really gets tedious having to travel so far every time, to the point where you simply have to find a car because walking wont even be an option. the fighting is up to standards for a fps with a few perks, such as the fire. the way the fire is done in this game is truely original, and wind direction afects the way fire spreads, for example, if i throw a molotov cocktail into some grass, and the wind is blowing west, the flame will slowly spread west onto whatever building, vehicle etc is in the way. its very impressive. the story is ok, nothing overly original, you are a mercenarie sent into africa to locate and kill the arms dealer selling to both the APR and the UFLL. a great thing about this game is the multiplayer, you'll be able to create your own maps and play online with them, and you can make them BIG and very detailed too. all in all a great game if not a bit repetitive at times. i would defonately recommend!