A great sequal to a great game! Great for Star Wars Fans or fans of Shooter games!

I really liked this game. The first game all you had to do was capture bases but in this one, they made it more meaningful. They added real objectives for you to do to give you something to do besides mindless killing and base capturing. After you do certain objectives, you can unlock a Sith, Hero, or Jedi to use and the more you kill, the longer you can play as them. They each come equipped with Lightsabers or special Handguns they used in the movies, Plus force powers (If they have those). Graphicwise, Its not that bad for a Star Wars game and they show scenes from the movie like the previous game did, and in the Rise of the Empire gamemode you get to listen to a journal of a man in the 501st Clone Division. You dont have to like Star Wars to like this game either, they explain the game pretty well enough for you to follow it without having to know who the main characters are, although through playing this game, youll get the gist of what Star Wars is all about all while shooting CIS and flying around space.

In a Galaxy Far Far Away, There are hightech ships which you can go into space with for Battle, well, what the first battlefront lacked in is this Space Battle. Although you cant fly into space at any time you want, there are certain missions where you can get on a Ship and kill some other ships, or you can stay your teams Flagship and help out there. Or maybe killing from the inside out is more fun for you, fly into the enemy Flagship and destroy different Subsystems ultimately destroying any efforts the enemy has at winning. The only thing that isnt good about Space Battles is the controls. Its space so there really isnt any "Up or down", the only up or down you can really notice is which way the unmovable Flagships are sitting. Enemy ships arnt the easiest thing to beat until you get really use to the controls because they zoom around, and right after you lock onto them and send some torpedos their way, they fly off again. Although this isnt a problem because in some of the Space Battles if not all of them, you can select to Skip the whole mission. All and all, I think this game is better then the first, and not much has been taken out from the transition of the first to second, but more has been added. I would totally get this game over the first one. If you have any questions about it, you can message me or post on the Battlefront Forums they have here. May the force be with you.