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User Rating: 7.3 | Space Invaders DS DS
Gameplay- The game-play is nothing special, it’s very reminiscent of the old school Space Invaders with a few things dropped in to spice it up here and there. The game had a lot of potential but nothing was done with that potential so the end product was catastrophically worse then is should’ve been. This game wasn’t all terrible though if you enjoyed the original Space Invaders arcade game this’ll help stir up old memories. Overall the game-play mechanics are nothing new and in contrast with most mediocre DS titles this game is still sub-par. Unlike previous ports of Space Invaders this particular edition offers an intriguing difficulty level that’ll have you coming back for more, that is until you complete it, then it’ll sit there collecting dust with those unopened Power Ranger action figures and that World 1337-est Geek coffee mug you never use.

Graphics- The graphics are solid, nothing special, though the backgrounds are particularly crisp & clear for a DS title. It’s the same thing we played in the 80’s with a few minor additions & a 3-D cut scene that is blurry & pixilated that gets played OVER & OVER.

Sound- The sound is okay, it is VERY old-school so it wouldn’t be hard for ANY handheld, yes…not even the N-Gage, to pull of the simple 8-bit bleeps, bloops, & blaps that are used in the game.

Value- For $19.99 I’d buy almost any game, so for one that actual gives me a few hours of entertainment and brings back a few haunting arcade memories I say snatch it up while you can.

Tilt- I’m an uber huge fan of Space Invaders so it was a pleasant surprise to find an affordable Space Invaders game for my favorite handheld; even though it wasn’t all I hoped it would be I was satisfied.

Space Invaders Revolution is a good game while you play it but there’s no point in touching the cartridge after you complete the game, which won’t take more then 7-9 hours ((depending on how good you are)) it really comes down to two things:

Are you a HARDCORE Space Invaders fan!?


On your income can you afford to potentially waste money on a one-time joyride!?