This game is awesome!

User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto IV PS3
This game maybe filled with pop-up texture and maybe a bit glitchy but you can over come that once you start to play the game. I use to play the other GTA to kill random people by blowing them up and running them over but this game is the most realistic GTA4 you actually fell the intensity when you are chased by cops. The story line is very complex and doesn't feel like the stereotypical gangster shooter, you have to make your own choices(not going to reveal any). The game has some secret cars but have been exploited all over YouTube there is now a trophy collection and when you do cheats they block them so beware when you use the cheat because you might not get those valuable trophies you want. The only complaint I have over this game that I can't over look is the fact that it is the hardest game to achieve trophies. All in all the game is worth it well I think the current price for it as of August 2009 is $39.99 so go pick it up! :)