Fantastic great game, but very restrictive wrt controllers and PC hardware!

User Rating: 9 | Grand Theft Auto IV PS3
As others said already, this game is fantastic and really great. I agree that this is perfectly another milestone im gaming history!

I sometimes however feel the game world should react more reasonably in response to my nasty and criminal behavior. The lack of realism here gives the impression of a comic sandbox rather than a game (let alone a sim). For the most part this is just fun, but at times it can be demotivating. I often find myself quitting the game after randomly doing weird things for fun but then lost motivation to continue, because the game's response gets repetitive and the immersion fades away because everything is just skin deep.

For instance, if I happen to shoot down the entire shopping center, they just take some of my weapons and set me free again. WTF? There should be more punishment for more serious crime. This would be a motivation to avoid escalation where possible and weigh the pros and cons before shooting someone.

Some things still bug me and drive me mad: The lack of broader controller support and heavy hardware hunger on a PC is frustrating. Actually, the game only works as intended with an XBox 360 game controller (I bought one only for this game). Anti aliasing is not possible even with hi end cards, so the choppy look is a bit tiresome. Every now and then the game simply wont start (black screen) and there is no way to find out why. Seems to depend on the weather. Sometimes reinstalling the last patch helps, though.

Anyway, if you have a powerful PC, go and try this game!