An incredibly immersive and fun game.

User Rating: 9.5 | Grand Theft Auto IV PS3
I remember watching the previews of GTA4 and being completely psyched for the game. What we got was a little less content than San Andreas, but presented way much better.

Gameplay: There is no eating or drinking. There is no working out or getting fat. There is sleeping, but only as means to save your game. All the extra's that are there are just for immersion and heightening the experience. Raw gameplay has been improved considerably. Driving physics and the psychics in general have improved considerably thanks to the Euphoria engine. Combat has been improved also with the addition of a better lock-on and cover taking system. This time around GTA4 has techniqually less to offer, but was is there is exciting and never gets old. And yes, you can swim. 9/10

Graphics: The graphics are amazing, even now. Especially the physics; it makes everything so much more realistic. After a while you'll begin to see some pedestrian models repeat, but they're varied enough that's it's not a real big issue. New shader effects made possible with next-gen hardware add to the experience alot. HDR, motion blur, and other effects make a living world much more alive. Everything has detail in this game. Character models, vehicle models, the environment, water, EVERYTHING. The only real problem I have with the game is the detail draw distance, especially when in a fast vehicle like the Infernus or Annihilator chopper. Sometimes things just pop up out of no where and it screws you up which is frustrating. 9/10

Sound: The sound is this game is amazing. Production values are off the chart. Voice acting, pedestrian comments, radio stations are top notch. Sound effects and explosions are very satisfying. Whether it's an grenade explosion or ratta-tat of the smg. The talk shows on TV and on the radio are hilarious. The voice acting is amazing. Everything fits. Everything is perfect. 10/10

Story: You play as Niko Bellic, a veteran of the war in Serbia/Bosnia. Niko came to America to look after his cousin and find out who betrayed him all those years ago in the war. Like I said before the voice acting brings these characters to life. A multi-path story only adds to the experience. Along the way you must make moral decisions which affect the ending. 10/10

All in all GTA4 is an awesome game. Worthy of your purchase, and worthy of a 10/10 by Gamespot. 9/10