A game with a lot of detail! Minor bugs are there but can be ignored as it doesn't affect gameplay.

User Rating: 8.5 | Grand Theft Auto IV X360
I have to say, this is one of the most detailed games I have ever played - they've even looked into the little things which I greatly appreciated.

1) Graphics: are very good, particularly the work on the facial expressions.

2) Cars: are varied and the control for each type of vehicle is different which is good. The amount of radio stations give a wide choice with some great songs. The damage to the cars are realistic too, even to the point of struggling to start the engine after taking in some damage.

3) Voice acting: is overall quite good but it would've been nice to interact with people on the street (Like in Bully)

4) Map: I think its pretty detailed and large enough for this game

1) Weapons: as good as the action of the weapons are, the range is not enough

2) Clothing: Could've used more variety

3) Tasks: the game does get repetitive on the tasks you have to do - usually to steal a vehicle or wax someone. But there are nice touches where you can hang out with your friends

Unfortunately I dont have time to write more but this is a game worth playing. I wouldn't say it was an addictive game but once you get the controller, you'll be hooked for hours.