4 Races. 1 Azeroth. Dozens of angelic, demonic, noble, and practical heroes. 1 crazy, classic plot we can't even imagine

Warcraft III is a beastly engine that sucks in boredom and chucks out genius in the form of textures, realms, stories, downfalls, climaxes, and combat.

To begin, this review is a product of my past-time and in no way should it influence anyone's judgment of this masterpiece.

When you saw the 10 I gave Warcraft 3, you probably thought 'Cripes, another die-hard fan with no life'? Wrong...hopefully. Warcraft is designed for any and all players of any and all ages of any and all experience of any and all knowledge (assuming of course you know the basic gist of strategy, your keyboard, and the patience to listen).

What simply rocks and rolls in Warcraft 3:

so many characters. so many heroes. so many weather conditions. but most importantly, so many strategies.

world editor. feel like a god as you use your own imagination to create your very own campaign. editor has same capabilities as the campaign missions (think cinematics, dialogue, modeling your own 3d characters, changing the weapons they hold). or you can just experiment, always fun.

Gameplay experience may change on online play. You got that right! Awesome, simply breath-taking.

you take different sides but they're all inter-connected to one central plot of pain and glory. dish out justice in the name of the cunning night elves, ravenous undead, dogged humans, or honor-obsessed orcs.

So, Warcraft 3 is perfect. It will always be perfect.
However, some changes would have been appreciated.
-bigger army size
-longer plot
...shucks, those lackings are nothing but the complaints of someone who is spoiled with Warcraft.