WOW! The greatest game i have EVER played in my life. Just totally speechless. its 3am and im lovin every bit of it. :)

User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto IV PS3
i picked up my copy of gta 4 at blockbuster midnight event, came back home, popped it in , and all i have to say is Wow, awesome story, the city lookks real. i actually ran over someone and there was blood on the front of the car. i love the gps, the mini games such as bowling darts, and more . i was amazed when i sat down and was watching tv in the game , it was so funny and cool. the cars handle excellent, the pedestrians are smoking and everything, even bowling too. i ran into a gas station and everything blew up and that was so sweet. i m having so much fun, that i didnt even want to quit to give this review , but i was eager to tell others about it. 100% awesome. rockstar has lived up to the hype on this game. this is the best game now and always will be. an instant classic. im currently dating michelle in the game and ive been playing for 4 hours and im still only in one part of the city. i havent experienced everything yet, but im excited to do so. the only thing that i dont like is the visuals are a liitle blurry and i have a hd tv and blu ray, but it still looks awesome. i think that 60.00 dollars was the best investment ive ever made to be truthful to you. I cant believe how great this game is. im going to leave now , so i can get back at it. go out and get it right now. :)