Hello rockstar.I've got a question to ask you:

User Rating: 2 | Grand Theft Auto IV PC
Hello rockstar.I've got a question to ask you:
What does GTA IV have more than crysis that makes it not to reach the same frame rate my and others' PCs reach on high settings? Is that only a subtle mistake you've made or it's that you have been fooling around these months?
Well maybe our systems are not enough GTA READY yet! or "this game is made for future systems" as you said, well what kind of future game have you created that doesn't even have AA settings to configure?
well I guess you're just making a fool of us.You must have made enough money from it's sale on XBOX-360 and PS3 that you've forgotten that GTA was born on PC and it was WE, PC gamers that made it famous.But now you just put us aside and After 7 months of waiting this is what we gain: A bug game! Maybe you've been working on creating the bugiest thing ever! right? If that is right then I admit you've done a great job.we thank you a lot!
maybe next time...