Beta Release, Securom, Online Activation, Rockstar Social Club, Games for Windows Live, Core2 E8400&GTX260 = 20FPS

User Rating: 1 | Grand Theft Auto IV PC
GTAIV is far from polished and a beta release at best. This game will bring the best PC to it's knees. I get 20FPS average on the lowest settings with an Intel E8400 Core 2 3.0Ghz, 4GB PC2-6400 RAM, and NVIDIA Geforce GTX 260. For comparison I can run Crysis on High in DX10 at 40FPS. If I had an entry-level pc with an onboard video adapter, I'd obviously have no business complaining, but I think I have a pretty respectable gaming rig to justify this review. I would consider this game almost unplayable, not to mention all the hoops you must jump through to even play the game -- Securom, Online Activation, Rockstar Social Club Log-In, and Games for Windows Live Log In. This is a very stressful gaming experience. Instead of spending $50 on this game, EA should have paid me $50 for beta-testing broken software and wasting my time. Save your money...