A fun and immersive open-world playground, with a great story and addictive gameplay!

User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto IV PS3
Grand Theft Auto IV is a game which often divides opinion with regard to it's substance. One cannot discuss this game in a forum without witnessing considerable argument. As a sandbox style adventure game, many complain it is not "fun" enough, with too many restrictions - often touting Saints Row 2 as a superior and "more fun" alternative. However, GTA IV seems to be a step toward maturity in the GTA franchise, with a truly immersive and amusing storyline, as well as enjoyable missions with great variety.

The graphics, while not the best available on the PS3, are still quite good, considering the massive scale of Liberty City. The most appealing think about the game is the atmosphere. It feels as though you have entered a true living, breathing city. With its inhabitants walking, driving, fighting, and shooting their way through everyday life.

This game provides massive replay value, and raising hell is quite appealing long after the missions have been played through and the medals have been earned. The much anticipated (and perhaps, non-existent) DLC for PS3 will surely add to the long term appeal of this masterpiece when/if it eventually arrives on the platform.

Overall, this is a must-have game for any adventure game enthusiasts, as well as the casual gamer. With plenty to see and do, I dont think many will regret this purchase, which at this stage can be picked up for a song.

Simply put, this is as good as open-world adventure gets!