You're a good man Niko but you do not deserve a 10

User Rating: 9 | Grand Theft Auto IV PS3
This game took me 34 hours to complete so it is hard to summerize it in a review but I will try my best.

First off, the campaign is awsome. You start out as a cab driver and start rising in rank until you become a mafia errand boy... you keep contact with people you meet during the campaign and can go bowling, drinking etc... with them whenever you feel like it.. You start out in a small appartment that you share with our cousin Roman and if you do the right choices in the campaign you'll end up having 2 penthouses and an appartment.

I am one who really doesn't like games with lock on targeting... I don't know if there was a setting that removes the lock on but I still wouldn't have removed it since the lock-on was the only way that I could see who's shooting at me since almost every single person who ambushes you takes really good cover... some missions were hard because of this... yeah there were some missions which were like taking candy from a baby, I'd be like seriously that's it?... then there are the others. The ones that tempt you to break the gta4 cd. Did I mention that there are no checkpoints during missions?? You'd have to drive across town, maybe even to another island to buy some armour before you try the mission again, which ma take more than 5 tries.

There are a million glitches in this game so I don't want to mention them all.

On the bright side the game is really long and you get attached to some characters, not the ones who give you annoying missions though. It gives you choices to alternate your campaign too and I like that.

There are too few weapons and clothes to choose from so it makes it hard to differ from the other players.

I didn't like the online at all and I shouldn't start about that..

All in all this game is still addictive and long so it deserves alot of credit for that.