Instand Classic.... Best in the GTA series!!!!

User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto IV PS3
This is game i just amazing, the story, the graphics for the type of game are just beautiful, you play this game and you know you are playing something very special indeed.
The story can be short or long depending on the time that you spend doing the extra missions, the story is amazing and the main character "Niko Bellic" is maybe along whit "Tommy Vercetti" (the main character in Vice City), the greatest anti hero of the series.
This game for me did what GTA: Vice City did back in the PS2, it brings a whole new set of things to do, just to give one example, the cellphone is an amazing idea, and it give the game a lot of dept and more variety for the player.
There´s no doubt this game is ground breaking and that the GTA series will continue to gave surprises in the future. A must have for any real fan of video games. BUY IT!!!!