How bad can be a port it's a thing only Rockstar have to explain. We want a GTA like the first. More Bubba please

User Rating: 5.5 | Grand Theft Auto IV PC
This game takes a beating from Saints Row: The Third, Sleeping Dogs and yet, GTA: San Andreas.
This port fails at delivering the fun and excitement of the previous games and it's technically flawed.
How it's possible for a game running on 2006 consoles stutter on an Intel 2600K @ 4,4 GHz, 16GB Ram (8 as Ramdisk), Raid 0 of a pair of Crucial M4 128GB (games only, OS is in another Raid) and a Crossfire of HD6950 2GB on a 60hz FullHD?
The game never runs to 60 fps, it doesn't even move very far from 45 fps...

The overall game is overrated. Not deserving to succede GTA: San Andreas.
The major improvement over San Andreas it is the graphics and there are quite a lot of tweaks about physics, which doesn't feel like real but it's still ok. Maybe you got to take some time to get used to the new driving system. If someone felt unhappy with all the freedom you had in SA, the RPG elements and the hilarious driving system, welcome to GTA IV, no character and car customization.
Get it on console if you have to. Anyway you were not going to play it without a pad.