This game is definitely the best one that they have made. I love the graphics on the cars which is almost perfect! YAY!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Grand Theft Auto IV PS3
This game is the best one in the entire series. It has one of the best car graphics that I have ever seen and that is an understatement. It is all round enjoyable and you would spend heaps of time playing it even if completed twice. It is never boring to shoot a person and get the police after you. Or speeding in a car and drifting around corners. The multiplayer is also one of the bet because every body on your team is a real person instead of an AI person. Having a gang of people following you in a car to a certain destination to kill somebody never gets boring.
Now another thing that I really think would improve the game is the weaponry that you use. It is great to have guns to use and all that but one thing is that it is annoying to switch through about 8 different weapons that make it time wasting an down right annoying. It would be great if there was a capacity on how many weapons that you are allowed to use such as 3 and one normal weapon like a sword of bat. Having to switch through so many is just annoying. That is one of the only annoying things i can think of. Another great thing would be to fix that glitch with the cars and how if you are using a car hard to find that it will appear every where one you drive one. Like how many Ferrari's would there be. Your lucky to find one and then they are everywhere. Just really annoys you for all of the effort when now it is simply impossible to not see one while driving.
Now overall a Amazing game which need a few fix ups. I really can't wait to play it again and I can wait until they add to the series!