Not the real GTA4

User Rating: 7.5 | Grand Theft Auto IV PS3
There isn't much new with this GTA game. It pretty much just gives you the same old same old with new graphics. This time it comes with online play well what a joke and I can't believe so many sites said the online of GTA4 would keep you busy for months on end biggest load of BS I've heard in awhile.

Graphics - Anyway the graphics of the game are pretty good and I'm happy with the way the game looks as far as that goes.

Story - The story has some characters that you will get to know and I think the game does better on this part because after you play the game awhile you feel as though you know some of the characters which is done better than past GTA games. The story is pretty much just like every other GTA story where you climb the ranks in the criminal world and you do jobs that kill people and hunt people down. Not much new as far as the story goes except you get to meet different people in GTA4 than past GTA games.

Sounds - The sounds in the game are pretty good. The guns sounds are fine along with several other things. The characters voices are pretty good when they talk and it sounds just like every other GTA game. The songs are about what you would expect in a GTA game where a good song comes up every now and then on the radio but most of the songs are no big deal and neither is the radio for that matter. If you want loads of music just plug in your laptop right beside the tv and go to a radio station online and listen to that while you drive in the game. The radio station was a huge add on with the first GTA game but times have changed and its no longer that big of a deal.

Controls - are pretty much pretty similar to past GTA games. The cars can be kind of hard to control at times and I think some of the cars are too hard to drive. I think they over did the controls on lots of the cars because if your not in a sports car you won't be able to maneuver all that well. As for the bikes those maneuver pretty well and I like driving those the best. Another thing that is different with the controls from past GTA games is the ability to hide behind something and shoot. Meanwhile this does work ok its not as great it sounds and its not as great as say how well metal gear gets it done so don't expect too great of a cover system with the game.

Improvements - include the cover system, online mode, new physics when you crash, new things happen when you go to break into a car, you can check out a cops computer but there isn't much to see, you can go online in computers in the game but no big woop its like looking at ads, the game has a cell phone which can be used to contact people but it doesn't make that much of a difference in the game if any at all and thats about it.

Fun factor - The game is fun for a few hours and it was interesting to check out the online play to only end up with disappointment. You go do what you do in GTA games which is hit people on the streets and kill them, hit cops and run from them at that high star level, check out the city and see what there is to see, and go on missions which are pretty much exactly the same missions as were in past GTA games. Now this game didn't last me a long time and I got bored quite easily because it is very similar to past GTA games. If you have never played a GTA game before you will probably think this game is great but if you have played a GTA game before this there isn't much new here that is brought to the table that you have not played in past GTA games. Also, some things have been taken out of GTA4 from GTSA like buying property and you can't fly planes in the game. Also, GTA4 isn't near as big as SA.

Lasting Appeal - The game gets old quick if you have played past GTA games. Its only lasted me a few hours and I don't go back and play it.

Extra Stuff that could of been in the game - I say the game is about a 7.5 to an 8 and an 8 would be generous. There is so much more that could of been included to make this game great but it just was not put in the game. I would of liked changes in the seasons to experience snow and fall. I would of liked to have been able to have entered more buildings but you can only enter about the same amount of buildings as past gta games. I would of thought the online would of been much more fun but you spend half if not most your time online driving around the city looking for the other team and thats not much fun. I would of thought people would look and act different on the streets than past GTA games but there really isn't a difference as far as that goes. I was hoping that the missions would be much more different and would bring about different things to do but they don't. I was hoping that the game would let you make different choices in the game and this would lead to several different endings and I was hoping that based on your choices that people in different parts of the city would act differently towards you like if you did something really bad in a certain part of the city people would be afraid of you or would try to kill you. I would of liked to of entered different occupations and go on missions. Like as a cop you can become swat and go on different missions as the swat like drug bust and what not. I would of thought there would be many different paths you could take leading to many different endings. You could either become the ultimate bad guy or the ultimate good guy.