Problems installing World Trade Center mod.

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First of all, I am fairly new to modding GTA IV. Have only installed a first person mod, and a couple of car mods. This one is an exe auto installer (or so I thought), the readme in the rar file says to select the version of gta IV that I have, and check either auto or manual, and click "Let's Go". Well, the first problem is that there is no "Let's Go" button, just a button that says "Envoyer". I have no Idea what that word means, I've tried both auto and manual and neither work. When I check auto and click on Envoyer, it says webpage could not be found. When I check manual, it sends me to some weird web browser to a website that I have never heard of. If any of you would be nice enough to help me, I'd appreciate it. Here is the file I am speaking of. Seems like it is a legit file as it has been downloaded many times, if any of you know of an alternative mod I can use if I can't install this one, point me in the right direction.