GTA IV PC Modding

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After searching through the internet I haven't found a consolidated answer. I really want to mod GTA IV and install ICEnhancer 2.0 (actually waiting for 2.1) and a trainer of some sort featured in this video When installing mods, I understand I have to replace xlive.dll with xliveless dll. How does this affect my gamertag (linked to GFWL and Xbox LIVE), if it does anything at all? 1. Will I still have access to online on other games and what if I want to play GTA IV online again? 2. Does it turn my gamertag into offline profile that won't be able to sign into GFWL? 3. Can I still earn achievements after enabling mods and installing a trainer? Thanks, I think I can follow the guide below for installation instructions but just wanted to clarify the above
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3. yes but microsoft will ban your account.