Liberty City is complete. *****

User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition PS3
Grand Theft Auto 4 is almost four years old now so I don't need to go into any details about how amazing the game is. You have most likely played it before and perhaps even owned it if you are reading this but wondering if the complete edition is worth another purchase? The immediate answer is an unequivable yes. However somethings should be addressed first before you shell out the cash for this complete edition of the GTA4 world. First of all if you own the game on the 360 then chances are you have already purchased at least one of the two expansion packs as Microsoft went to great lengths to promote that they alone had the rights to them for a long time and PS3 owners were left high and dry. If you do then this edition may not be for you unless you'd like to consolidate your library onto one disc (and have excess money to blow). If how ever you own a PS3 then you may have over looked both expansion packs because of their exclusivity to Microsoft's platform. In that case this is a absolute must buy, even if you own an aging copy of the original and lets be honest it's probably looking a little shabby due to wear and tear! Both expansions are brilliant and offer unique views on Liberty City and what it has to offer. From the sexy night clubs owned by Gay Tony to the bitter hard biker gangs of Johnny there is now truly something for everyone. My one niggle with this title how ever is that each game is its own separate entity. You can't pursue generic achievements/trophies over all three games and going from one game to the another requires a reset and reload. Other than that though I can not fault this game and it is still going strong having one of the larger communities still playing online compared most other older titles. Liberty city is waiting for you to enjoy its offerings time and time again and once you enter you'll never leave.