Brickyard Mafiia Clan (BYM) 40+ Members

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We are the brickyard mafia clan, which currently stands with over 40 members already. If you want to be in a part of our clan, Do the following: add BYM_Flames (the leader of BYM) or BYM_Chocy (me) We do many activities which include team death matches and clan wars. we are also there to help you rank up and achieve the level you need. We also need some more active members, and if you think you are an experienced grand theft auto player, or just looking for an even better gta experience, then join us now! We are a Gta Tbogt Clan, but we occasionally go on Gta iv for Hangmans noose to rank up our clan members Remember, Contact either BYM_Flames or BYM_Chocy on Playstation Network Brickyard Mafia (BYM)
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BYM 53 members now & looking for a gamer with A PVR to record gameplay