Insomniac games has released another highly potential candidate for game of the year!

Resistance: Fall of Man is a first person shooter that truly represents. Some gamers would find this game to be a bit lacking in many story elements, but the multiplayer is superb! Insomniac games has a reputation thanks to the Ratchet and Clank franchise and this is a different side of Insomniac. This game is not like the Ratchet and Clank games of Insomniac, in fact, its a completely new ball game for Insomniac. You will not find silliness or comedic dialog but instead, a well made first person shooter. Insomniac has had a nack for making awesome weapons and Resistance is no let down to that! The story is a little dull do to the fact you are viewing basically a flashback of Nathan Hales life during this point of his life, but the fantastic online battles are some of the best on the Ps3 so far. Sadly there is no online co-op but there is a split-screen co-op. Overall, Resistance: Fall of Man has its flaws but makes up for it with outstanding gameplay.