ARMY OF TWO: A Great Game That Finally Isnt Afraid To Tell The Truth.

Im going to keep this short and simple, Army Of Two is a GREAT game, not amazing but still great. The characters are great and the banter between them is just classic. Yes the campaign is pretty short but the levels and intense action make up for it. Along with the upgradable weapons, Armour and masks its very fun to customize. And the story actually makes you think about what they are talking about. The multiplayer is also pretty fun with teams of two competing for the most cash.

Now people arnt going to like this, well americans wont like this but; I know the USA loves its army like a son but still most of what this games tries to tell you is correct. I think its very childish of Gamespot/USA to say this games bad because it belittles your army. Armys kill thats what they do, and as for the word WAR that means when TWO armys fight. That is not whats been happening in Iraq or anywhere like that.

This game is a SOLID 8/10 maybe alil more and should not be rated lower due to small minded americans, im from the UK and as such i am unbiased towards this game and its brilliant.
Go get it, play it and remember its just a game dont take it to seriously.