What all can you say, "Nostalgia redone in a good way."

User Rating: 9.5 | Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars DS
If you grew up on the true GTA games then this game is for you. All the classic elements of GTA can be found in this small package for your ds. Add in some extras such as doing drug deals to planned cop bust on your deals, Hopping fences (Wish I could have done that years ago on gta 1-2) etc etc. Don't know how Rockstar got this game onto the ds in such a amazing fashion but it has not disappointed. Kinda wish online was at least 3 players. 2 players is fun but 3 + makes a party. A must have for any "older" DS owner. Any people considering this game must also know that GTA games do have considerable violence, language that some may find distasteful, and a gambit of things that are considered unlawful in our society. Make sure you are of age or indifferent on these discretions in the GTA universe. Also game is RATED M.

Graphics 9 Amazing quality of details considering how big the City is
and the gambit of objects on screen

Sound 9 Each radio station in the car has 5-6 songs that rotate
through. There is about 5-6 stations so you should enjoy
that music as you play the game

Value 10 In true GTA fashion you'll lose alot of excess time playing
this game