With a lot of things to do,boredom will certainly be very far away from this game!

User Rating: 9 | Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars DS
First I would like to say to you why is GTA: CW worth buying:

1- The same open-ended gameplay that has made the series a sucess,

2- Don't let looks fool you,even with an isometric camera this game has the same feel as the console conterparts that its hard to describe!

3- A wide variety of things to do like,trading drugs,buying lottery tickets and hot-dogs,robbing the truck loaded with weapons from ammunation(yeah!You can rob ammunation in this game!!),the classic missions of firefighter,police patrol,taxi driver,street races and many more other activities!

4- Huge map of Liberty city that in fact is only missing one island from GTA IV!

5- Addictive gameplay thanks to the well done missions and PDA that let you know if any drug merchant is needing of,or selling any drugs for a cheap price and buying high,and receiving messages of sales offers from ammunation and more!

6- Makes great use of the DS's touch screen and mic in a really creative way,for example to call a taxi you can whistle near one,you can use the touch screen to scratch cards at the lotttery and fill a bottle with gasoline to make molotov cocktails.

There's just to much to do in GTA: CW that you might be surprised that it is a portable game,and for that I can say for sure that it deserves the GTA name,the only thing that fans or players in general may dislike is the new wanted system which is a little annoying at first.It goes like this,if you get 1 wanted star you have to destroy one police car,2 stars = 2 police cars and so on.But that shouldnt detract from the gameplay and with time you get used to this new wanted system.
In the end GTA Chinatown wars is game that is well worth your money!And you might get surprised to see how well it works!With a variety of things to do in the game,you won't want to stop playing it,but don't leave dinner waiting or it will get cold!See yas!