This handheld translation couldn't have been more on point.

User Rating: 9.5 | Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars DS
What can be said about Chinatown Wars? Bringing the vast open-world gameplay of GTA to a handheld seemed daunting. But on the DS Chinatown Wars really shines. Do not blow it off as a watered down port. It's pretty, the city is gigantic even by console standards, there are tons of missions to do and sites to see, and the touch screen implentation is brilliant.

From you PDA, which lets you do TONS of things, to you interaction with the world and inhabitants that's straight out of the console games, this game feels like GTA. The only real complaint is the dialogue is terrible I don't mind that it's in text but I think that when you read it, it's poor quality shows a bit more. Either way it advances the game and that's all that matters.

Chinatown Wars is so good that no gamer sould miss it. ESPECIALLY a GTA fan. Not playing CW is the same as not playing GTA IV in my book. It's tech and design will likely be a template for future DS games. GET IT NOW!